Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Omar and Briana's weekend with Albus Cavus

I had invited one of our best artist at Perry School to come with me to the opening of LOVE STAINS at Cre8 Space Firday night.  He came with style, and sketch pad in hand and got to work right away. 
 He drew an amazing portrait of George Washington, entitled Number One Prez.   He then asked J Coleman, curator of the exhibit, if he could hang it in the show.  And then it sold!

 My sunday brightened up when I saw Briana walking down the street to come to the Albus Cavus poetry workshop at Perry School.  We had so much fun listening to and writing poems that included sounds, noises and even scilence. 
What a fun weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Albus Cavus Classroom @ the Perry School

Ms. Arial and Sidney sure do love to paint!

Zion and Zanaya having a quick snack before they work hard on our mural! 
Wow! that looks great!

Working on an awesome Mural for the class!


James learned about William H. Johnson and made this awesome collage!

Photo Workshop with Teri Memolo

Henry is examining film for the first time!

Our students are learning how a camera works